3 Best Places to Store your Wine

3 Best Places to Store your Wine

Where should I put this Merlot? We cannot finish the whole bottle, where is the right place to store this wine? We all love to drink wine but we never know where to put the bottle when we are done with it.

To resolve this dilemma, here are some suggestions from the expert in liquor and wine store in Pasadena, Maryland, Plaza Liquors on where to put left over wine after drinking:

  1. Keep it somewhere cool but not too cool

    When a wine is exposed in a temperature higher than 75 degrees, it will be “cooked” inside the bottle and once you drink it you will only taste a flat flavor. That is why you are an avid wine drinker, you would know the importance of a wine cellar with the right wine case and temperature to preserve the beauty of the wine. But, a wine cellar need not be present in all home if you can find a cool place to keep your wine.

  2. Keep it somewhere steady

    As much as possible do not put your wine in a place where it is susceptible to frequent temperature changes and other movement. If the wine is exposed to different room temperature, the expansion and contraction of the liquid inside the bottle might push the cork out or cause seepage. A piece of advice from us at Plaza Liquors, the liquor and wine store in Pasadena Maryland, is to aim for consistency as regards to the place where you keep your wine.

  3. Keep it somewhere dark

    Sunlight could be the one thing that could separate a good wine from the bad one. Exposure to sunlight can destroy the flavor of the wine. Once the dry air will dry out the moisture in the cork, air can enter into the bottle and eventually spoil the wine. However, do not constantly dampen your wine storage instead use a dehumidifier.

How do you keep your wine? From the suggestions above, do you think you have been doing a good practice in storing your wine so far? Tell us about it at Plaza Liquors, a liquor and wine store in Pasadena, Maryland.

For more tips and tricks on wine storage, you can visit or you can call us at 410-255-3593.

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