Feeling Depressed? Down A Glass Of Your Favorite Wine

Feeling Depressed?  Down A Glass Of Your Favorite Wine

We don’t run out of occasions and reasons to feel bad these days.

From the time we wake up in the morning till we hit the sack at night, we can’t seem to elude circumstances that bring furrows on our foreheads, unless one is a super optimist who finds something positive in every dire state of affairs. But for the normal in us, everyday life can sometimes be depressing.

Irritation can take the form of a tot who refuses to eat his breakfast, a favourite office uniform not pressed well, a subordinate who fails to submit his reports on time, a spouse who’s nagging about unpaid bills or a boss who can’t seem to be pleased with our output and keeps pushing us to do more.

Everywhere and every time, there’s always something to frown upon.

Thankfully, one of the antidotes for gloominess is not as taxing as seeing a counsellor or enrolling in a yoga class.

A Glass Of Wine Drives Sadness Away

Sometimes all we need is a glass of wine.

A study was conducted a few years ago where a comparison was made between people who had a glass of wine in an unpleasant environment and non-drinkers in a more pleasant environment. Said study found out that both people experienced the same level of mood improvement.

Hence, if something is not going right with you, get a glass, pour some of your favourite wine into it and say goodbye to a bad day. It can boost your mood, not to mention the many health benefits a glass of wine brings.

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