How to Distinguish a Good Wine from a Bad One

How to Distinguish a Good Wine from a Bad One

Today is a special day. Regardless of what your reason is, we can all agree that today is such and the best way to commemorate it is having a good glass of wine.

But before you go buy your wine at any liquor and wine store, how do you identify a good wine from the bad ones? You do not want this day to be ruined just because of a bad wine, right? Of course you do not. To help you celebrate this memorable day, Plaza Liquors, the best liquor and wine store in Pasadena, Maryland, is here to show you how to choose the best wine for the special occasion.

You need to remember that a good wine is not simply spotted by just its looks. There are many wines that look fancy only in labels and bottles. So you will not be fooled, you have to consider these 4 aspects to know if your wine has good quality:

  1. Smell

    Stick your nose in your glass and smell the wine first before taking a sip. What does it smell like? Does it smell like a genuine wine? Does it smell floral? Does it smell fruity? If it does, then congratulations! You have yourself a good wine. However, if it smells anything like a soaking wet newspaper, a Rover, a cork or any of that smell, then that wine is good if poured down the sink. When choosing a wine, make sure it is from your trusted liquor and wine store in Pasadena, Maryland to avoid out-of-this-world wine smell.

  2. Balance

    After passing your wine sniff test, it is time to move over to the wine’s balance. You may already have heard of this from wine connoisseurs or sommeliers and probably have no single clue on what it means. Balance is a very important aspect when it comes to a good wine. The clue if you have a wine that is out of balance is when you do not like the wine even if you have no idea what makes you not like it. And let us remind you that we are already talking here of wines that have long passed the taste test.

  3. Depth

    The next thing we need to taste is the depth of the wine. Just like the ocean water, there is a level of deepness in a wine. Let us say for example you are enjoying that glass of wine. What does it taste like aside from fruit? Are there other flavors? If you have not noticed this, we suggest that you buy yourself a wine in your favorite liquor and wine store in Pasadena, Maryland and look into the depth of the wine.

  4. Finish

    Lastly, if you want to look for a good wine, consider its length or finish. When you swallow the wine, how long does the flavor last on your palate? The longer it stays and lingers, the better your chosen wine is.

We hope you have found that perfect wine for the occasion. Let us know what your favorite wine is after knowing how to distinguish a good wine from a bad one.

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