Wine 101: What glass to use for different wines

Wine 101: What glass to use for different wines

“As long as I can drink wine from it, it does not matter”. Do you have this same feeling when you are about to drink wine but someone tells you that you are not drinking it right? The perfect glass for the right wine sometimes puts the art in drinking wine. This is what sets them apart from drinking bar. A wine glass exudes glass and it makes the wine look for tasty and inviting.

If you are a certified wine lover, you may take heed on some of our wine glass advice at Plaza Liquors, your one stop shop liquor and wine store in Pasadena, Maryland. We will give you a quick run through on what wine is best for what glass.

  • Bordeaux Glass

    This is commonly used for red wine. Red wine comes from black grapes and have a more robust flavor. They would need to be put in a fuller, rounder and taller glasses like the Bordeaux Glass. They have a large opening where we can dip your nose in the glass and be able to smell the wine’s aroma. Bordeaux glasses are the preferred glass for red wine because it can fully cater the complex flavors of the wine that once you taste it, you will be able to fully savor the taste.

  • Burgundy Glass

    Another glass for intended for red wine but it is taller compared to Bordeaux glass. It is lighter and full bodied that is best used for red wines like Pinot Noir.

  • White Wine Glass

    White wine either comes from black or white grapes sans the skin and are often combined with citrus flavor. It is placed in a different glass that is more U shaped, narrow and upright. You have probably seen these glasses when you eat in expensive restaurants. They need a more upright glass because this allows the aroma to be released in the air at the same time maintaining a cooler temperature. If you fancy a white wine, you can head over to Plaza Liquor, the best choice for liquor and wine store in Pasadena Maryland.

  • Sparkling Wine

    This is also called as “champagne flute” which is similar to the white wine glass but more narrow and upright compared to it. This is designed to be like this in order to retain the carbonation and capture the flavor of the beverage.

Indeed, the art of drinking wine is in the glass but you need not buy all the classes for each one, perhaps you can buy a set of sparkling wine flutes and an all purpose glass for both red and white wine.

For more information about wine, you can ask us all about it at Plaza Liquors, your liquor and wine store in Pasadena, Maryland. You can visit our website or you can call us at 410-255-3593.

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